Rather than enslaved to intentions these uncorrected line drawings on paper are self-exploring dialogues reaching beyond the functional focus. Over the years a work- and life-escorting collection of drawing books piled up, full of productive visual accidents, personal treasure moments and some shameless bits of retro-plausibilization.


It isn't just ideas that drive the deed. It helps my over all work process essentially to let the hand wander freely without an ever ready concept. To find the next step in my other projects, or to discover, allow and develop new works. Sometimes i just have to spell things out for me.


You can find an overview of this below or explore my drawing archives.

the skating nurse kept reappearing in my sketchbooks during the skate amoebe years between 2002-2005, when I tried to convince the city of Berlin to build a massive public concrete skate park. As this finally did not work out, i disappeared to the Big Island of Hawai'i, to learn and enjoy a more humble stone age life style and go surfing like my forefathers and -mothers from the djungle near Mauna Loa.

vanbinski / chantal labinski is an artist based in berlin, germany.

Her work travels freely between the changing fields of urban art,

triggering different kinds of public happening or playfully using text

and visual interventions as ways of redefining space and time.


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