Series of acrylic paintings, mainly 2010.




Girl in red coat: Why do boys always have to be SO annoying?

Girl with red hoodie: That's how they ARE. They can't help it.


Girl in Water: Except when they're ill. Then they can be quite nice.




In the french-german kindergarten JUNGLE in Berlin-Kreuzberg I met some surprisingly wise 5-year old girls.







You can find some of my kinder sketches, collages and paintings below and some more in the functional works.

kinder sketch / paintings and drawings, several ongoing side projects since 2005.

vanbinski / chantal labinski is an artist based in berlin, germany.

Her work travels freely between the changing fields of urban art,

triggering different kinds of public happening or playfully using text

and visual interventions as ways of redefining space and time.


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